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Wong Fong Academy

Wong Fong Academy is an educational institute in the Continuous Education and Training sector.

Our courses are designed, planned and conducted by a team of trainers with vast experience in their respective fields. The Academy engages with regulatory bodies to keep abreast of changes to ensure that the courses we develop are both current and relevant. At Wong Fong Academy, we believe that everyone has a part to play in ensuring safety at the workplace


About Us

Wong Fong Academy aims to constantly upgrade the skills and knowledge of their learners so that they can achieve the relevant competencies and qualifications to perform in their designated roles.

Courses are designed, planned and conducted by trainers with vast experience in their own areas of expertise. The Academy also engages in frequent discussions with regulatory bodies to ensure that our courses are current and relevant to the needs of industries.

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News & Events

Introduction of Scarlet Financial

Financial Initiative by Wong Fong Academy

Scarlet Financial was established on the prospects of equipping our learners with the skills and fundamentals to take their personal and professional goals to greater heights through the studies of the current financial markets and the implementation of blockchain technology. As the world is moving towards a new era where metaverse and NFTs were recently introduced in the past 3 years which was only possible with the use of blockchain technology. 

The organization was molded from Wong Fong Academy, an educational institute that has provided a multitude of skill training to all industrial sectors in Singapore for more than a decade (since 2011). As technology expanded, Scarlet Financial was conceived by the academy as a financial initiative to help participants effectively utilise blockchain solutions and technology in their businesses or study the financial markets to diversify and manage their financial portfolio. As such, Scarlet Financial has carefully planned the educational journey of the courses to bring participants the best and most comfortable learning experience while having access to in-depth information on the subject matter. 

Here at Scarlet Financial, we are constantly adapting to new developments in blockchain technology and financial markets. In hope of creating a community of like-minded individuals in this journey of exploration. 

Our services cater to the needs of all individuals and businesses exploring the blockchain and financial space. Feel free to reach out to us; we are more than happy to advise you on the best course to suit your needs. 

Join us now. The future awaits you.







Forklift Refresher Course

Gentle reminder of  renewal for Forklift Refresher Course every 3 years

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WSQ-Supervise Construction Work for WSH (BCSS) now available in Mandarin

Previously known as the Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (BCSS), the Construction Work for Workplace Safety and Health course is suitable for those working at a construction site as a foreman or supervisor.

Course Duration: 32 hours, including 4 hours of assessment

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